About Us

Ernie and Angie Page were born and raised in the rolling hills of West Virginia where they still reside with their dog Cooper.  Their “home away from home” is the Smoky Mountains.  They are a husband and wife team that love teaching others about their love for nature and photography.  It is that love and passion for nature that has drawn them to specialize in nature and landscape photography. 

They have a combined 20+ years of photography experience.  They have been published in a variety of consumer and commercial publications including magazines, calendars, music CD’s, Professional Organization Websites and Business websites.  Their fine art can be found in homes and businesses throughout the country.  They have won numerous local, state and regional competitions.  Because of their passion for photography they remain active in their local camera club, which they both have won Photographer of the Year.  They enjoy presenting their images in slideshows at churches.  They are both certified through the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources as Master Naturalist for the state of West Virginia.  They have lead photography tours in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and numerous places within West Virginia including Canaan Valley, Marlinton and New River Gorge.

Ernie and Angie’s goals:

Some people show their connections with God and nature through Music, the penmanship of a beautiful story or poem or the brush strokes of a painting.  We hope to express our connection to God and nature through our images.  Our hope is that our Images will spark a desire within you to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for God and our natural world. 

Our hope for our participants is that they will gain a love for nature while experiencing some of God’s most beautiful places and to help them achieve the skills to show that experience through their photography.